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Painting Class

Our Approach

The Image of the Child

We view every child as strong, capable, independent, curious, and full of imagination. We empower children to think, question, investigate, explore, and help navigate the journey of learning.

Emergent Curriculum

Teachers observe and document the interactions, discussions, and fascinations of children. By developing learning opportunities from these observations, the curriculum “emerges” from children’s interests and ideas.
Project Work

Our educators deliver this emergent curriculum through project work, which allows children to explore these areas of interest in detail. Teachers are thoughtful about introducing a broad range of opportunities, from art to music to early language, math, science and nature experiences, in support of the project. 


  • To provide high quality early care and education.

  • To help each child and adult achieve their full potential.

  • To promote the dignity, worth, and uniqueness of each individual.

  • To foster respect and understanding for cultural diversity.

  • To build strong foundations for lifetime learning.

Health & Safety

Here at Whizz Kids we are taking COVID 19 precautions throughout all of our classrooms.
We require that all of our students and faculty complete a health screening daily before coming into the facility, once they come to school their tempuratures are then taken again.
We are actively updating our COVID 19 policies to stay in line with CDC guidelines. ​

We will continue to promote mask wearing and hand washing often to slow the spread of COVID 19 and get the children excited about staying safe and healthy. 

Mask Display