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How To Activate MPLAB XC16 PRO With A Rar File

How to activate MPLAB XC16 PRO with a rar file

MPLAB XC16 PRO is a full-featured, highly-optimized ANSI C compiler for the PIC24 and dsPIC microcontroller families. It offers advanced code optimization techniques, debugging features, and comprehensive documentation. However, to use MPLAB XC16 PRO, you need to purchase a license from Microchip or use a free trial version for 60 days.

How to activate MPLAB XC16 PRO with a rar file

If you want to crack MPLAB XC16 PRO for free, you may have come across a rar file that claims to contain the activation key. This file is usually named MPLAB XC16 PRO ACTIVATION KEYrar or something similar. In this article, we will show you how to download and use this rar file to activate MPLAB XC16 PRO.

Step 1: Download the rar file

The first step is to download the rar file from a reliable source. You can use a torrent site or a file-sharing platform to find the file. However, be careful of malware and viruses that may be hidden in the file. You can use an antivirus software to scan the file before opening it.

One possible source of the rar file is Docker, which is a platform for developing and deploying applications using containers. You can use the following command to pull the rar file from Docker:

docker pull procodamsea/mplab-xc16-pro-activation-keyrar

This will download the rar file to your local machine.

Step 2: Extract the rar file

The next step is to extract the rar file using a software that can handle compressed files, such as WinRAR or 7-Zip. You will need a password to open the rar file. The password is usually provided by the source of the file or can be found online by searching for MPLAB XC16 PRO ACTIVATION KEYrar password.

Once you have entered the password, you will see a folder containing several files, such as xclm.exe, xclm.key, xclm.ini, and xclm.reg. These are the files that will activate MPLAB XC16 PRO.

Step 3: Install MPLAB XC16 PRO

The third step is to install MPLAB XC16 PRO on your machine. You can download the installer from Microchip's website. Choose the version that matches your operating system and follow the instructions to install it.

After installing MPLAB XC16 PRO, you will need to register it with Microchip. You can do this by launching MPLAB X IDE and going to Tools > License Manager > Register Compiler License. You will be asked to enter your email address and an activation key.

Step 4: Activate MPLAB XC16 PRO with the rar file

The final step is to activate MPLAB XC16 PRO with the rar file. To do this, you will need to copy and replace some files in your installation directory. The installation directory is usually located at C:\Program Files (x86)\Microchip\xc8\v1.xx\bin\, where v1.xx is the version of MPLAB XC16 PRO you installed.

You will need to copy and replace the following files from the rar file:

  • xclm.exe: This is the executable file that manages the license.

  • xclm.key: This is the key file that contains the activation code.

  • xclm.ini: This is the configuration file that sets some parameters for the license.

  • xclm.reg: This is the registry file that adds some entries to your system registry.

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