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The Scissor Lift/Aerial Lift Training & Certification course from Safety First Training is an OHSA based program that teaches about the different types of scissor lifts, pre-operation inspection, safe operation requirements including setup, operating and moving the machine and hazard avoidance. Training is offered around Southern Ontario including Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Markham, Oakville, Burlington, Hamilton, Niagara, Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge. We also offer Train the Trainer courses for Scissor Lifts.



Every year, with the increasing number of the versatility of manually propelled mobile scaffolds the ratio of falls lead by scissor and aerial lift, is relatively large. Considering in the general construction field painters and drywallers suffer more than 17% of the fatal falls involving the mobile elevator work activity compared to 3% of aerial deaths. The Scissor lift leads more fatalities than to aerial lift because of huge demand in the painting and drywall market.

The Scissor lift training course is designed for safety operation of the worker to provide precaution in the construction field. Our step-by-step training benefits the workers to acquire knowledge of OSHA and manufacturers safety requirement for the use of scissor lifts. There are some key areas that must be addressed before and during the operation of Scissor lift training.

This course can be paused and resumed at your leisure, the exam has unlimited attempts to be passed, and a permanent record of training will be kept. This course covers topics such as the division of responsibilities, personal protective equipment, fall protection considerations, the different types of aerial lifts, operating procedures, associated hazards, and safe work practices.

This course is for anyone(not limited to owners, drivers, supervisors, and workers) who work with scissor lifts. This online training course meets the requirements set forth by the Canada Occupational Health and Safety Act.

If you employ aerial work platform (AWP, scissor lift, aerial lift, or mobile elevating work platform (MEWP) employees in Ontario, you know you need to get them properly trained and certified. can help you get your workers in compliance with workplace safety regulations. With affordable prices and convenient online access, we offer the very best resources for aerial lift certification in Ontario.

Workers will also receive training in fall protection, stabilizing and positioning techniques, which are all vital for preventing injuries in the workplace. Formal written instruction, practical training, video training, and all the necessary paperwork for completing the in-person evaluation are included in our aerial lift training in Ontario.

Canadian Forklift Training Centre Inc. (CFTC) incorporated in 2008 and an approved and experienced safety training provider since 1999, provides training and certification programs at over 1000 client locations throughout Ontario. CFTC specializes in developing and delivering Forklift and warehouse safety training courses to companies of all sizes and independent individuals.

Our organization has worked with over 5000 corporate clients and has trained over 100,000 independent forklift operators. Our fully equipped Training Centre is in Mississauga, but we also deliver training of equal quality on the Clients facility anywhere in Ontario.

Canadian Forklift Training Centre provides all types of forklift training for groups of any size as well as for individuals on a one on one basis. Our New Lift Truck Operator Certification Course is designed for operators with minimal or no experience. Refresher course is a condensed...

Train and certify your staff at your site or at our training center. Over the years, we have worked with over 1000+ corporate clients. At Canadian Forklift Training Centre, we are committed to quality of training and safety beyond mere compliance with regulations. Our priority is the success...

  • Canadian Forklift Training Centre (CFTC) is a approved and experienced Forklift Equipment and Safety Training provider. We offer a comprehensive forklift training program compliant with The Operational and Health Safety Act (OHSA). Quick LinksHome

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Contacts 7270, Torbram Road,Unit #2,Mississauga L4T 3Y7, Ontario,Canada

Get hands-on lift training and heavy equipment operator training in Canada from CanLift. We provide WHMIS training, fall protection training, scissor lift safety and more to anyone new or experienced in lifts or heavy equipment. Our trainers can come to your site or take a boom, scissor or aerial lift safety program at our headquarters.

CanLift Equipment hosts a variety of heavy equipment operator training to ensure the well-being of lift operators. Our wide variety of boom and scissor lift safety training programs ensures both your needs and the Ontario Occupational Health and Safety Act (OSHA) regulations are met. Our approach to aerial lift safety training helps to improve job site safety, company profits, and employee satisfaction.

Contact CanLift today to inquire about our WHMIS training, OSHA scissor lift safety training, boom lift safety training, or any other aerial lift training or heavy equipment operator training programs.

Every three years, forklift licensees require re-certification by the OSHA. CanLift provides manlift safety training courses and licensing for counter-balance and rough terrain forklifts, as well as scissor lift safety training, and boom lift safety training.

Contact us for information on class size and accommodation for manlift safety training courses. Our courses depend on available space and client needs. The content of every forklift safety training program contains a:

Our fall protection training courses go further than typical fall arrest training, which goes over what to do in the event of a fall. Fall protection training aims at preventing falls, and is in accordance with updated training standards by the Ontario Government. Re-certification for fall protection training is required every three years. Fall protection is also a required pre-requisite for aerial lift safety training.

Aerial lift training is required for all operators; however, re-certification is done at the discretion of the employer. We offer an aerial lift safety program for most specific units, including for aerial boom lifts and aerial scissor lifts. If an operator is certified but requires familiarization with a specific model, we offer supplementary aerial lift training and workshops to allow operators to navigate safely and more skilfully in any condition.

CanLift provides spots for up to 6 people in their aerial lift safety training classes. There is a prerequisite, the Fall Protection training course, which you are required to take before applying. Each of our aerial and boom lift safety training courses provides:

If your company does elevated aerial work such as cleaning windows, cutting trees, painting etc., you will require aerial lift training for your lifting device. In most cases you will also require Fall Arrest training We can combine fall protection training with aerial lift certification at the time of booking.

Liftow has provided forklift certification / license to forklift operators for over 25 years. We have expanded our product offerings to include other equipment like scissor lifts, overhead cranes, skid steer loaders and more. As well, we provide Supervisor / Instructor training for managers that want to stay compliant with current safety regulations or learn how to train their own employees. The Toronto Forklift Training Centre provides training for companies looking to have their operators trained as well as individuals looking for jobs. We have training courses geared towards new operators and experience operators. All Courses meet and exceed M.O.L and C.S.A Standards.

Aerial work platforms (AWPs) are aerial devices used to provide temporary access for personnel and equipment to elevated worksites. AWPs include, but are not limited to aerial ladders, articulating boom lifts, extended boom lifts, vertical tower lifts, and scissor lifts. In this training, we are focusing on general boom lifts and scissor lifts.

Scissor lifts are aerial devices with a platform that is raised and lowered by a set of hydraulic scissors. Scissor lifts typically have a much larger platform than boom lifts, making them ideal for tasks that require more space or more workers. Scissor lifts are often used for tasks such as construction, warehouse work, or industrial maintenance.

Any person who is operating or plans to operate a boom, scissor lift, or cherry picker should first receive aerial work platform training. This training covers current regulations and guidelines, as well as responsibility protocols. We also train in emergency procedures and regular inspections.

Aerial platform training not only covers the topics of how to inspect and operate the equipment, but also safe movement around the work area. Furthermore, those who receive this type of training will be taught about different load capacities for various aerial platforms as well as how to secure the load before lifting. Lastly, emergency procedures are always included in case of an accident or equipment malfunction. 041b061a72


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