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Can You Use Scholarship Money To Buy A Laptop EXCLUSIVE

Many times, the scholarship provider sends the money straight to your college. This most likely means that your scholarship is for tuition only. But, if you receive the scholarship check directly, then you might be able to use it towards other things.

can you use scholarship money to buy a laptop


You might feel tempted to use your scholarship money for personal expenses. But remember, when you win a scholarship, you are signing a contract with the scholarship provider. One of the terms you agree to is to use the scholarship money how they tell you to use it.

Probably yes. Books are one of the most common ways that students use their scholarship money. Books are extremely expensive and can add up. The average cost of books for a full-time undergraduate student is almost $1,300 per year.

Many departments have indicated a preference for particular laptops for a major course of study. Check our Preferred Laptops by Major list for your major or talk with your advisor to determine an appropriate laptop for you.

What about Tablets?Chromebooks and iPads are not a viable option as your primary laptop. Support for these devices is extremely limited and consists only of setting up the wireless configuration and installing anti-virus software as required.

When should I buy a laptop?We recommend ordering by the end of July to be certain of delivery to your home before you leave for Clemson. (If you are trying to time it to be paid for with a financial aid reimbursement, it is okay to wait until the end of July.)

Can I have my laptop delivered to Clemson?No, the Clemson University Post Office will not accept laptop deliveries. We recommend ordering your laptop by the end of July to insure delivery to your home before you leave for Clemson.

If you have any outside scholarships or resources (including Pell grants) that exceeded your original student contribution on your financial aid award, you may be able to use a portion of your outside scholarships toward the one-time purchase of a computer.

Many departments have indicated a preference for particular laptops for a major course of study. Check our Preferred Laptops by Major list for your major or talk with your advisor to determine an appropriate laptop for you.

The recommended Windows laptops will ship to your home with Windows and other Clemson licensed software installed (Note: There will be no software pre-installed on laptops for Fall 2021). We recommend that all students, regardless of the laptop model chosen, attend a workshop (Note: there will be no laptop workshops for Fall 2021). To install needed software, updates, and configure laptop for use at Clemson click here for Windows laptops or click here for Apple laptops.

Many accredited online colleges offer free laptops and other perks like technology discounts, IT help, and free or discounted software. These perks may apply to all enrolled students or only those who meet certain eligibility requirements, depending on the school.

Laptop ownership usually transfers to you permanently once you graduate or earn a certain number of credits. If you decide to withdraw from the school, you may need to return or buy the laptop you received from the institution.

If you don't qualify for a free laptop from your school, you can still try to save on laptop expenses. For example, you might use your tax refund or your financial aid package to buy an inexpensive laptop for college.

Technology is essential for online college, as most programs require a strong internet connection and a computer. If you plan to take advantage of a free laptop program, there are a few policies you'll need to be familiar with.

Some accredited online schools mail technology packages before classes begin. These packages typically contain laptops and software. In-person programs may provide free college laptops when you arrive on campus.

Often, you must earn a certain number of credits or graduate before you officially own your school-issued device. Some college tech perk programs only require students to complete 1-4 semesters before they own their laptop.

The best laptops for college have updated software capabilities, have an embedded webcam and microphone, and are student-budget friendly. Speaking of which, don't forget to take advantage of student discounts!

There are many features to consider when choosing a laptop for online school. First, make sure the computer's operating system is compatible with any software or programs you'll be using for your online program.

Unless a financial aid source specifically notes it can only be used for tuition, you can likely pay for other school-related expenses with scholarship money, grants, and loans. That includes buying a computer or laptop.

If you receive federal student aid through the FAFSA, you can use those funds to buy a laptop. FAFSA aid can also be used toward room and board, transportation costs, and textbooks. Most student-related expenses can be paid for with federal funds.

The information below is intended for first-year students enrolling in the College of IST at University Park in summer 2023 or after. If you enrolled in the college before this date and have questions about the laptop requirement, please email

The College of IST requires that all new first-year students enrolled in the college at University Park have their own laptop that meets or exceeds minimum technical specifications. Minimum requirements and recommended specifications are listed below under the "Technical Specifications" heading.

This requirement is intended to ensure students have a device that should last for four years, ensures students have access to a level of technology needed to complete coursework, and allows instructors to effectively incorporate a standard of technology into their courses. Students may be required to bring their laptops to class.

Over time, having a personal laptop that meets certain standards better positions students to complete assignments, collaborate effectively with classmates, receive hands-on instruction, and make use of flexible educational environments. Ultimately, it supports an equitable Penn State experience and prepares students with the digital fluency needed to create new knowledge and thrive in emerging careers.

Students who are eligible for the one-time technology scholarship will be notified by email and mail by summer 2023.Timing of notifications is on a per-student basis and is based on the timing of the student's admissions decision and whether a FAFSA has been processed by the University.

Students who are eligible for the one-time technology scholarship and who are purchasing their laptop through the Penn State Bookstore should follow the steps below to have the funds applied at the time of purchase.

Students who are eligible for the one-time technology scholarship who are also receiving financial aid that is already covering their total cost of attendance should contact the Office of Student Aid to submit a one-time cost of attendance increase for a computer purchase to ensure that any existing financial aid award is not impacted.

Most students will not need to take this step and should review their current financial aid award before determining if a cost of attendance increase is necessary. This increase will be covered by the one-time technology scholarship.

Students who are eligible for the one-time technology scholarship will be notified by email and mail by summer 2023.Scholarship funds will be available to eligible students after they attend a New Student Orientation session.

If the laptop costs less than your scholarship amount, the difference will be deposited into your Bursar account in the fall semester and applied to any outstanding charges remaining on the account. If the laptop costs more than the scholarship amount, you are responsible for the remaining balance upon checkout.

The Hope Scholarship amount will vary annually depending on the amount of state aid funding per pupil provided to county boards of education for public school students. The scholarship amount for the 2022-23 year will be $4,298.60.

If you wish to be considered for a CCI laptop grant you must complete the CSS Profile application by the financial aid deadline. The University must have this information to make a determination of eligibility for a laptop grant. You should submit this form even if you think you may not qualify for financial aid, as some students will qualify for a laptop grant who do not qualify for other forms of financial aid. Students submitting only the FAFSA will not be considered for laptop grants. Students who submit the CSS Profile application by the financial aid deadline will hear about laptop grant eligibility by late April, in time to meet laptop ordering deadlines.

While you won't have to provide your lenders with receipts to show how you spent the money, you likely promised to use the loan funds to pay for education-related expenses when you agreed to the loan terms. Remember that you'll eventually have to pay back your loans-with interest-so be judicious about how you spend your money. 041b061a72


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