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Bounty Killer - Say You Leaving

"Massacre Soldier" Killer[9] is a pirate from the South Blue and a combatant of the Kid Pirates. He is one of twelve pirates who are referred to as the "Worst Generation".[10] After the timeskip, his bounty has been raised from 162,000,000 to 200,000,000.[6]

Bounty Killer - Say You Leaving

Prior to the timeskip, he obtained a bounty of a 162,000,000 by the time he had reached the Sabaody Archipelago, where he briefly faced off against Urouge, another member of the Worst Generation, with apparent ease.[1]

After the time skip, his abilities have increased, where his bounty increased to 200,000,000.[6] He was able to face Zoro, where the latter recognized Killer's power. At the same time, he managed to wound him, albeit with a surprise attack, only to be defeated in the end.[3][24] Killer himself believed that he could have killed Zoro if he had used his Punishers. During the raid on Onigashima, he earned the distinction of injuring Kaidou, formerly of the Four Emperors and considered the "The Strongest Creature", where Kaidou himself recognized his power.[25] He later defeated to Basil Hawkins, another Worst Generation member, where the latter seemed to recognize he could not defeat Killer, so he decided to use dirty tricks.[22][23][21]

Killer is seen wielding a pair of gauntlets equipped with scythe-like blades, which he dubs "Punishers". The blades are capable of spinning around like buzzsaws or simply being used as hand scythes. These weapons can also be used to block other weapons, leaving the foe open for Killer to kick the enemy's flank or other exposed areas. This, combined with the agility he has so far displayed in combat and the notion that he is not afraid to kill, makes him a formidable foe.[30]

Killer, Kid, Heat and Wire were bosses of gangs ruling the island's four towns. After Victoria was murdered by a rival gang, Kid unified the four groups and took down the rival gang. He then decided to form a pirate crew, naming their ship Victoria Punk after Victoria, with Kid as the captain and Killer as his right-hand man.[31] While his captain gained more and more infamy, Killer himself became well known as well, earning himself a 162,000,000 bounty alongside his captain. They were noted to have been responsible for a great deal of damage and had caused many civilian casualties for the slightest provocations along their journey.

One week later, in the port of Tokage, Killer and the other members of the Kid Pirates oversaw the repair of their ship, the Victoria Punk, with the aid of Franky, Usopp and Minatomo, with Killer showing admiration for the General Franky. Kid warned his subordinates to stop being so friendly with the Straw Hats. As the pirates began discussing potential bounties, Apoo arrived with a newspaper containing Kid's new bounty and information about who had replaced Kaidou and Big Mom in the Four Emperors.[70] Killer correctly guessed that Kid was displeased with the news and had rushed to the Flower Capital to confront Luffy about it. He then took the opportunity to call his crewmembers to the festival happening at town in order to celebrate their win.[71]

After renewing his friendship with Black Ryno, dancehall artiste Aidonia and Bounty Killer has also renewed their friendship.(adsbygoogle=window.adsbygoogle[]).push();The Alliance and J.O.P bosses officially made the move towards unity with the recording of a song call Mac 90.According to Bounty Killer, who Aidonia credits as being his main influence in becoming an artiste, there has never been a real conflict between the two."Killer and Aidonia been doing songs before and there was never a conflict between us. You have never heard I say nothing negative about Aidonia, likewise, he has never said anything bad about me," he said.According to Bounty, Aidonia made a bad decision splitting from the Alliance along with Vybz Kartel, however, it, understandable considering the situation he was faced with at the time."There was a split in the crew and he made a bad decision by going with Kartel as it was Kartel who had introduced him to me, so I can understand. If you bring me into a movement and you leaving and said I should too, I would have no other choice but to follow along," said a seemingly understanding Bounty Killer.The veteran deejay also disclosed that working with the former Alliance member again was a joy and he has seen growth in Aidonia as an artiste."It was fun and joy in the studio. Donia is (adsbygoogle=window.adsbygoogle[]).push();more accurate vocally now, and much more developed, mature and ready so it was easy working together," he said.Bounty Killer also said that the song is very promising and looks to be even more promising than their last collaboration."The response is tremendous, people like it when we collaborate, and I'm sure it's gonna be bigger than the first one. The excitement it's causing tells us that straight," he said.The artiste further stated that there will be more collaborations between Alliance and J.O.P and that the fans should continue to lend their support to dancehall unity."The fans who love the unity keep listening, more surprises coming and you can expect more collabs from ANG, JOP," Bounty Killer said.When contacted, Lavarcam Lawrence, Aidonia's manager, said that the song was already doing well."The streets love it because a two great artistes. It's just like the one we did on the 12 Gauge Rhythm so it's a good look," he said.According to Lawrence, Aidonia is not only poised to do more collaborations with the Alliance but is also focusing on exposing the members of J.O.P.Aidonia recently returned from Barbados where he performed at Kensington Oval at Slick Rick's Birthday Bash.The last collaboration between Bounty and Aidonia was done in 2009.READ MORE ABOUT AIDONIARETURN HOME FROM AIDONIA AND BOUNTY RENEWED FRIENDSHIP PAGE

Spike Spiegel (スパイクスピーゲル, Supaiku Supīgeru?) is a bounty hunter on a spaceship called the Bebop and travels through the space with his crew. Before becoming a bounty hunter, Spike was a member of the Red Dragon Crime Syndicate. Spike displayed many talents and abilities, including being skilled in hand-to-hand combat and martial-arts fighting.

Spike eventually met and teamed up with former Inter-Solar System Police (ISSP) officer and bounty hunter Jet Black, the captain of the Bebop. Spike also became a pilot and flied a converted Asteroid racer called the Swordfish II. As legal bounty hunters, Spike and Jet travel the Solar System's inhabited worlds hunting bounty heads across the populated planets and moons of the solar system. They are later joined by Faye Valentine, Edward, and Ein. During his adventures on board the Bebop, Spike confronted various bounty heads and had interactions with other people, including a terrorist, a deranged serial killer, and a bounty hunter styled after an American Western cowboy.

During his career as a bounty hunter, Spike was also drawn back into his bitter feud with Vicious, who had since become the head of the Syncidate, who seeks to kill him. After having run-ins with Vicious on two occasions, Spike was informed that Julia is alive and in hiding, and they later reunite after Julia comes out of hiding. Unfortunately, Vicious sends hitmen after them. Julia perishes in the midst of Vicious' vengeful bloodbath, prompting Spike to return the favor. After saying his goodbyes to Jet and Faye, Spike storms the headquarters of the Syndicate and has a final confrontation with Vicious. Spike succeeds in killing him, but not without serious injuries. Shortly afterwards, Spike walks into and collapses in the entrance hall with no indication of whether he lives or dies, with Spike's ultimate fate being deliberately left ambiguous.

Although people often talk about cowboys in an almost heroic sense, his image is far from the idea of one and, on the contrary, has characteristics typical of an antihero. He never acts to protect anyone, but only for interest, so he often has to be persuaded to commit himself to a hunt he considers only a little exciting, has a rather sharp and cynical sense of humor; when he pursues a bounty, he throws himself headfirst into action, regardless of the damage caused to people and buildings. Spike also doesn't have the slightest moral scruples of having to kill someone. In the movie, he even tells an old woman that he and the Bebop crew don't serve and protect and that their work is strictly business, though Jet doubts that he actually means that.

In spite of all this, Spike still has a good heart and, whether he admits it or not, is more caring than he lets on and more than willing to help out others without expecting anything in return. This is rather ironic considering his line of work. A good example of this is in Session 7, when Victoria Terpsichore offered him a wad of cash, and he only took a single note while saying the rest was for her husband. He has also shown compassion for Rocco's blind sister in Session 8, even buying flowers when he went to visit her in hospital and being saddened and sympathetic by the loss of her brother. He treats Ein as an emergency food supply and Ed as a burden, but in reality, despite never showing his companions appreciation. Spike nurtures an obvious affection for each of them and often seems willing to help them. This affection is shown through his constant choice to not interfere as they face their past, even if meaning he has to pass up a bounty. In particular, Spike shares a genuine brotherly affection with Jet, and it is safe to say that they consider each other their best friend. In fact, they are often seen talking together like two old friends. Although they often fight because of the excessive stubbornness of Spike, occasionally resulting in him being banned from Bebop, these arguments are always resolved in a short time. Jet is also the only person Spike confides about his past. 041b061a72


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