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Best Place To Buy Tungsten Rings

Blue Nile is a great place to purchase tungsten wedding rings from. They have a variety of different styles as well as colors. Many of their tungsten rings look exactly like a plain gold wedding band, but with the strength and scratch resistance durability that tungsten carbide rings provide.

best place to buy tungsten rings

Blue Nile doesn't carry any brands like Triton, so you can be sure you're paying for quality, not just a name brand. Most of their tungsten rings are under $500, with the exception of one meteorite tungsten carbide wedding band.

The only warranty you receive on your tungsten rings from Blue Nile is a manufacturer's warranty. This warranty covers design flaws or issues only. They do offer a 30 day return policy and it's also free to exchange for sizes within 30 days.

Even though James Allen is renowned online for their fully customizable engagement rings, assortment of quality loose diamonds, and fine jewelry, many people don't know about their alternative metal rings, like their tungsten carbide selection.

However, getting to their small collection of tungsten rings is kind of strange. When you got to their alternative wedding bands, they don't have a way to filter it. You'll see tantalum, cobalt, palladium, titanium and ceramic, but no option for tungsten.

James Allen carries the best name in the tungsten business, Triton. Most of James Allen's collection is Triton, but they do have unbranded tungsten bands as well. If you're looking for something other than an industrial metal, a tungsten carbide ring with diamonds might be a good option like the one below:

All of James Allen's tungsten wedding bands come with a free lifetime warranty. This warranty covers 1 free resizing within a year. Keep in mind that tungsten can't be resized, so they'll replace the whole ring.

But that's because the tungsten carbide rings at Brill Earth aren't for the average tungsten buyer. The person buying their tungsten rings is probably going to have more in the bank to spend and wants something they won't find in every jewelry store's typical tungsten selection.

Zales carries a wide selection of tungsten bands. They have a large collection of over 75 different tungsten widths and styles. Most of them are going to be comfort-fit. Many of their tungsten rings are either high polished or brushed with a satin finish like this one below:

You'll also notice that Zales carries a lot of Triton bands which we know are more expensive as a brand. Thankfully, they do sales all the time that can score you $$ of their rings. Somr Zales tungsten bands come with personalization on it, but be aware that once you personalize something, it's non-returnable.

It is the number one ring metal chosen for men's wedding bands. Tungsten rings are scratch resistant, making them ideal for those working hard labor jobs. If you're working a hard labor job, a sterling silver or gold ring will bend with your finger should a something heavy drop on it. A high quality tungsten ring will break at point of impact and not take your finger in the process.

Tungsten rings aren't unbreakable, clearly. A hard impact can shatter a tungsten ring. This can include dropping onto tile or concrete from a distance, so just be careful when taking off and putting on.

Tungsten carbide rings vary in price based on different factors. Some prices may attribute to brand and design, while others may attribute to inlays and width. But, there are many cheap tungsten carbide rings whose price is attributed to quality and durability.

Another big factor in price for tungsten rings is the ring itself. If your tungsten ring has a carbon fiber or wood inlay, it may be cheaper. Inlay rings will also be less durable and scratch resistant, because there's less tungsten. It isn't always the case though. Tungsten rings with a koa wood inlay may be more expensive because koa trees are protected in Hawaii. Tungsten jewelry can only utilize the wood from dead koa trees.

If your tungsten ring has white or black diamonds, or colored gemstones, it'll be more expensive than a plain tungsten band too. But if you're looking for a ballpark average, most high quality tungsten carbide rings cost between $150-$600.

There aren't too many things to watch out when buying tungsten wedding bands. Most jewelry retailers sell some sort of collection of alternative metal bands for guys who aren't keen on gold rings. The prices all range the same with all the major retailers, like the ones we've mentioned here.

But if you dig a little deeper on Google, or find yourself in the throes of Amazon or Ebay, you'll probably find many tungsten rings at a fraction of the price I've mentioned or shown on these various retailers. You'll find many tungsten rings that can be less than $50.

Be careful with anything that's too low of a price. A lot of these are wholesalers who use a cheaper form of Tungsten. Remember, high quality tungsten carbide rings contains 80% tungsten and 20% carbon alloy. A much cheaper tungsten ring will most likely contain less tungsten, which they won't tell you in the fine print. Less tungsten won't give you that durability you're looking for and will defeat the purposes of why most people purchase tungsten rings.

Cheap tungsten bands with inlay or laser engraving can also present a problem. While regular priced inlay and laser engraved tungsten rings can be high quality, it's not often true with bands under $100. Tungsten rings are hard to engrave, so if a cheaper seller offers to engrave, it probably won't last long. Similarly, many carbon fiber inlays on these rings bubble and peel up.

The other thing I want you to remember in your quest for searching for tungsten is to keep in mind the tricks on the internet. When you search tungsten in google, you won't just bring up tungsten rings. For instance, you could search "black tungsten ring" and get titanium wedding bands. Black ones, but not always tungsten.

Sellers use image tags and SEO (search engine optimization) keywords in order to bring customers to their page, even if the item they're trying to sell isn't what you're looking for. A search for tungsten rings can bring you to a company that only sells ceramic rings.

Also, if you're looking for a tungsten ring with gemstones, make sure to read the description. Often times cheaper rings will put in cubic zirconia, which is a cheap man-made stone that is used to simulated other colored gemstones, but most often to simulate diamonds. Many people like the look of CZ, but if you're looking for quality stones, cubic zirconia is not the way to go.

If you're buying online, you'll want to make sure you get the right size. While most men are used to wider rings, women are mainly used to the thin band of an engagement, wedding, or promise ring. Say you're a size 6 on a 2mm band. There are many women who love tungsten and prefer it. But a size 6 on a 4mm white gold engagement ring is going to be a much looser fit than it would be on an 8mm tungsten ring. The wider the ring goes, the bigger the size you'll need.

Not everyone sees tungsten wedding bands as the best option out there, but they do provide you with the comfort and durability you may be looking for and are often much cheaper than precious metal bands. Learn more about this unique wedding band below to see if it is the right choice for you.

Ilu Store is a ring crafter that makes truly unique Hawaiian designed tungsten rings. All of their rings are hand crafted and Hawaiian designed by a team of amazing and talented individuals. What makes their rings so cool? They put sustainability at the forefront of their business practices and ensure that for every purchase made on their site, they plant a tree through donation.

Save 25% On Your first OrderAbout Manly Bands Tungsten RingsManly Bands tungsten rings are the real deal. Started by John and Michelle in 2016, their mission is to help men and women find badass and unique wedding bands that are a fraction of the cost of traditional gold and silver wedding bands.

Also, tungsten rings can shatter or fracture sometimes, based on level of impact. They are also on the heavy side, which some people may not like, as you can definitely feel it on your finger throughout the day.

Tungsten rings have nowhere near the amount of tungsten even normally found in the air, and contain no cobalt, so you will be safe with daily, non-stop wear if you decide to get a ring made of tungsten material.

Although most tungsten rings are hypoallergenic, not all of them are. This is primarily due to the fact that binders are used to help keep the ring shape, which may contain other metals other than tungsten carbide, resulting in an allergic reaction. Always double-check the exact materials used for any tungsten ring purchased online.

Tungsten is not a very expensive metal like gold or silver with an average price of 1$ per ounce. Since most tungsten rings weigh under 1 ounce, the raw material cost is very low. When you buy plain tungsten rings on sites like Amazon, you will get a good product, but it will most likely be plain. The higher priced tungsten wedding bands are usually bonded with higher-quality material like exotic woods, or other metals like titanium or even carbon fiber. Other tungsten rings will have exotic patterns or diamonds worked into them, also driving up the price with added labor costs.

Tungsten rings are just as safe to wear as normal wedding bands made from precious metals. If a tungsten wedding band gets stuck on your finger, you can get it removed and cut off, and most will shatter under enough pressure. This is actually safer compared to gold rings that will bend under pressure, potentially causing even more damage and making it more difficult to remove.

High quality tungsten rings will have a nice shine and natural smudge-resistance. They will also have no seams or smooth seams when molded with other materials. If you notice your finger becoming discolored, you know you have a low quality ring that has most likely been molded with other alloys like copper. 041b061a72


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