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Buy Acana Cat Food Online


We stock a variety of foods, toys, healthy snacks and accessories for dogs, fish and everything in-between! We have two pet shops located in Littleport in Cambridgeshire and Downham Market in Norfolk.

Based on research, cats and kittens are carnivores. They need to have a proper diet with a large portion of meat. For that reason, Acana's flavorful foods contain 75% meat and 25% vegetables. This proportion is sure to keep your cat strong, healthy, and at the same time, happy.

If you are planning to buy Acana cat food, you have to visit Pawpy Kisses Singapore. We offer authentic Acana products that also come with affordable prices. What makes this product stand out among the others is that it is safe for cats with food allergies. It is a great option for them because Acana only use meat to provide the protein that your cat needs.

Moreover, it also comes with essential minerals, vitamins, and fatty acids for optimum feline health. One of the main advantages of choosing Acana food is its formulation. It does not use any additives and artificial flavors that do not contain nutrients.

When you choose Acana cat food, your cat will not experience too much carbohydrate intake since their products consist of low amount of carbohydrates. Additionally, you will also not find any questionably ingredients and by-products since Acana only use human-grade ingredients.

We are an online pet store with everything you need for dogs & cats. Here you will find the best pet supplies and everything else you would expect a well-stocked cat & dog store to have! Fast and cheap shipping and delivery all over Europe.DELIVERY PARTNERS CUSTOMER TESTIMONIALSCopyright 2023 Tinybuddy AB

A commitment to fresh regional ingredients and high-meat formulations have helped make Acana one of the most frequently-recommended pet food brands on the market. But is it a good choice for your cat Find out in our unbiased Acana cat food review.

Prior to 2009, Australian import regulations required all raw or lightly-cooked imported foods undergo gamma irradiation treatment before being sold in stores. Because Orijen foods contain fresh and freeze-dried ingredients, they were subject to this mandatory irradiation treatment.

The class-action suit alleged that Champion misrepresented their food by failing to disclose the presence of heavy metals and toxins. Testing by the Clean Label Project revealed that both Orijen and Acana foods contained arsenic, BPA, cadmium, mercury, and lead. You may view documentation of those toxins here. The average amount of heavy metals in Orijen and Acana foods fell within the maximum tolerable levels set by the FDA.

Acana foods are minimally supplemented, containing added zinc, copper, and choline. Other necessary vitamins, minerals, and amino acids are provided by meat, organs, cartilage, and a variety of vegetables, fruits, and botanicals. They appear in the nutrient analysis, but not on the ingredient list.

The recipe is 75% meat. Each 12 pound package is made with 9 pounds of animal ingredients. According to Acana, each bag starts with approximately 2 pounds of chicken and chicken liver, 1 lb turkey and giblets, lb freshwater catfish, lb whole nest-laid eggs, and lb of rainbow trout. In addition to these fresh or raw ingredients, the food is made with 4 lb of dried chicken, catfish, and pollock ingredients.

The remaining 25% of the recipe consists of plant ingredients. The food is made with red and green lentils, pinto beans, peas, and chickpeas. Lentil fiber, butternut squash, whole pumpkin, and traces of other fruits and vegetables are included later on the ingredient list.

In addition to meat, the food is 25% fruits, vegetables, and botanicals. Meat and meat meals account for the first six ingredients, followed by a series of legumes. These include green peas, red lentils, and pinto beans. Later in the ingredient list are chickpeas, green lentils, and whole yellow peas.

The recipe contains trace amounts of fruits, vegetab


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