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Hi. Since the last update, everytime I download something, I get a drop down box in the upper right showing me the downloads. I don't need to be shown this every time I download something. How do I stop this? Thank you.

Download drop

I hate this issue too. I changed and it still does it... Now doesn't even show in the list.I tried changing to false, but everyime I download, it still opens and changes it back to true, WTH.

I don't think it's possible to delete the preference. Could you do a normal Exit/Quit of Firefox and test again after starting Firefox back up? Maybe sure to match the spelling exactly.

Seems like they've been changing the about:config entriesI changed a not seen before to false... Seems to have returned my issue back to normal.

WPForms is perfect for business owners, bloggers, designers, developers, photographers, and basically everyone else. If you want to create a custom WordPress form, then you need to use the WPForms drag & drop form builder.

Yes, WPForms has full translation and localization support via the wpforms textdomain. Based on your site language, required .mo and .po translation files will be downloaded and placed into the default WordPress languages directory. The same is true for every WPForms Addon as well.

Now the problem is whenever I download artifact it download entire drop folder and place same structure in destination directory. But what I want is to Place only "" to my destination directory. Where I don't want "drop" and "Source" folder.

SharePoint Online has very intuitive support for drag-and-drop from one's PC to SharePoint (upload). What I need to do is offer (technophobic) users a simple way to drag-and-drop files from SharePoint to one's PC (download). When I attempt to do so, it creates shortcuts on the PC to the SharePoint file. I've been experimenting with both IE and Chrome and can not get either to work.

Q: I have a one-year-old Lenovo IdeaPad L340. I am using an Ethernet connection to access the internet, and about one month ago it would download at 500 to 600 Mbps; now it downloads about 90 Mbps. The Ethernet adapter is a Realtek PCle GbE Family Controller; the driver is up to date. I have two other desktop PCs, Windows 10, Home, that continue to operate at 500 to 600 Mbps with an Ethernet connection to the same router. Can you suggest a solution?

We've known for a few months that Google is working on a new download UI for Chrome. This menu is placed next to the URL bar and displays large progress bars, time remaining, and other information without shoving it into the bottom of your browser window. With the latest Canary update, Chrome's revamped downloads UI is getting another change: drag-and-drop files.

As spotted by u/Leopeva64-2 on Reddit, Google's latest Canary update allows you to drag and drop download files out of the panel. This move opens up plenty of options, including the ability to move files directly to your desktop from the downloads panel. It's easy to see how this could improve productivity, especially for creatives who are constantly moving files between files. Downloading images to your PC and dragging them directly to your desktop or into Photoshop could speed up your daily workflow, especially if you're utilizing multiple monitors.

Trying it out for myself, I was able to perform both actions, quickly opening a downloaded photo in Photoshop and copying the file to my desktop. It's a feature currently supported by the standard bottom bar use, and it's great to see it won't get lost in the eventual transition to a menu-based downloads UI.

If you want to try it out for yourself, you'll need the latest version of Chrome Canary. That new downloads menu is still hidden behind a flag, but you can activate it using the "download-bubble" flag. That experiment is also available in the current stable version of Chrome, though it doesn't yet support drag-and-drop files.

What's going on? I'm on firmware v. and router now displays there's a firmware update. I am somewhat reluctant to try this, as I need to be connected even at this crippling speed. I just won't be able to download new Linux builds or Windows Images until this problem gets resolved.

having only just decided to implement dropbox into my mac os workflow this is not a program i want to be become dependant using as the first hurdle has arisen problems i dont want to experiance again.

dropbox delted my download folder with files kept since 2016. This although it was inactive. I disabled dropbox to load upon start. don't what to say.... Feels like fraud. They have access to my pc. I am refusing to extend my subscription. This is the revenge I guess.

I've been using utorrent for well over 3 years and for the past week and change, I started noticing a dramatic drop in the download speed. My download speed has usually always averaged at 600Kb/ps to 1Mb/ps and now it barely goes over 30Kb/ps. I don't think the issue lies in the seeds/peers, because I have tried to download files with a fair amount of seeds and peers and the speed still doesn't increase. Also, I should mention that in the beginning while this started happening, the downloads usually started at a good speed (at least, for me) of 1Mb/ps but then soon fell down. Now the downloads usually begins at a low speed and keeps at that. There's also an off chance of the download speed randomly increasing for a few minutes before quickly going down again.

I've gone through several guides and also went through the speed issue guides on here but after changing and messing with my settings for a while, nothing changed. I've also uninstalled and reinstalled utorrent quite a few times, and also tried to download other torrent clients to check if the problem still persists, and it does. 041b061a72


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