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Around parturition, ewes are more susceptible to infection due to the relaxation of immunity, which normally affects the existing adult worm population and/or the mechanism of expulsion (Sykes 1994), a phenomenon called peri-parturient rise (PPR). PPR is responsible for contamination of pasture and new-borne lambs are exposed to this infection. Huntley et al. (2004) reported that there were changes in the population of inflammatory cells during the PPR. It has also been found that ewes with twins show a higher PPR than ewes with singles (Bishop and Stear 2001). The role of PPR in the resistant breeds of sheep is still not clear (Courtney et al. 1984; Zajac et al. 1988; Miller et al. 1998).

Twins of the Pasture Ativador download [Patch]



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