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Where To Buy Winter Melon Tea

Wintermelon milk tea has become increasingly popular in Western countries over the past few years. Originally invented in Taiwan, wintermelon tea is loved across Taiwan, China, Vietnam, India, and other Asian countries.

where to buy winter melon tea

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The base for wintermelon milk tea is winter melon syrup. Making the syrup is key in giving this bubble tea an authentic flavour. Wintermelon syrup can be made in advance and enjoyed all throughout summer.

Winter melon tea gets its name from the fruit used to make it. Also known as ash gourd, wintermelon is a large oblong fruit with a mild flavour. Closely related to cucumber and zucchini, wintermelon tastes fresh, light, and grassy. Its subtle flavour is what makes it perfect for refreshing summer drinks.

Fresh wintermelon, also known as ash gourd, is cooked with sugar to make a sweet syrup. After cooking, the mixture is either blended into a paste or the fruit is removed and only the liquid syrup is used.

Many Asian shops do not use actual tea when making Wintermelon Milk Tea. The ash gourd syrup is simply mixed with water, ice, and milk. Other recipes also call for a tea base, which I think gives a much better flavour. The most used teas for wintermelon bubble tea are green tea, Oolong or Jasmine tea.

However, wintermelon syrup is made with quite a lot of sugar. For this reason, I advise you exercise caution when using the syrup if you have health concerns. You can adjust the level of sweetness by adding less winter melon syrup.

Its fresh and leafy flavour makes this bubble tea drink extremely refreshing, even without adding ice. The light melon flavour with hints of grass pairs very well with fresh teas such as Jasmine or green tea.

I've looked for wintermelon everywhere and finally found it at my local Chinese shop under the name 'dong gua'. Thanks so much for including all that info! I've made the syrup and it tastes delicious!

The winter melon is peeled, sliced, and its seeds are removed. The melon is cut, the slices are stirred and cooked in boiling water with brown sugar or caramel for several hours. This mixture is filtered by gauze or sieve, ridding it of the dregs and impurities. Once clean, the brown liquid cools completely, it is then refrigerated, canned, and sold as concentrated winter melon punch. It can also be dehydrated and cut into solid cubes, and can be sold as winter melon punch cubes.

Different flavors of winter melon punch appear throughout Taiwan. People may add lemon juice, oolong tea, or many other drinks to it, according to their preferences, to make mixed drinks or even cocktails. To transfer this popular beverage into a snack food, many street vendors add tapioca balls, nata de coco, or tangyuan to winter melon punch and sell it in bowls.

Winter melton ice tea is very popular at Asian Countries. Mr bubble tea winter melon flavor syrup provides traditional winter melon flavor which used to flavor bubble teas, smoothies, ice teas and even as topping on frozen yogurt or ice cream.

Taiwanese wintermelon milk tea is a sweet beverage made with milk, tea, and wintermelon syrup. Because the wintermelon fruit is inherently incredibly refreshing, wintermelon bubble tea is particularly well-liked throughout Asia. This milk tea can quench your thirst on a hot summer day even without a lot of ice. Winter melon syrup serves as the foundation for wintermelon milk tea. To give this bubble tea an authentic flavour, the syrup must be made. You can prepare wintermelon syrup in advance and consume it all summer long. Due to its light, fruity, and refreshing flavour, wintermelon boba is a highly well-liked Milk Tea. Either green tea or caffeine-rich oolong tea is used to make this milk tea.

inJoy Winter Melon Fruit Flavored Syrup is a famous milk tea flavor, but in syrup form. Winter melon fruits are from the same family of cucumbers too. Add this to your desserts like shaved ice or to create a fruity cupcake or a milk tea inspired flavor. inJoy Wintermelon is perfect to enhance your Wintermelon Milk Tea, as well. inJoy Fruit Flavored syrups can also be mixed with milk tea yogurt series to offer to your health-conscious customers. 041b061a72


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