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Buy Property In Kerala


This website is a guide to buying and selling Kerala property and real estate, about new flats under construction in Kerala, who sells the best flats in Kerala and what is the average price of flats in Kerala in different localities. Full information is provided on the extra amounts to be paid while buying a flat or villa in Kerala, like Registration Fees, Property tax, etc. Other important information like what your rights are to the coomon areas and actual carpet area you get when the builder says that the flat is of so many square feet or meters. We cover the most important things to check when buying a flat, villa or any property in Kerala.

So Kochi or Ernakulam is now the best place to buy property in Kerala. The prices of real estate can only go up and in Cochin property price will rise faster than in other places in Kerala. We have dedicated page on properties in Kochi: Flat and Apartment projects in Cochin and Villa projects in Cochin

We have a page comparing investments in property with investments in Shares in the stock market. Different options of investing money in Kerala like putting your money in Fixed Deposits, Shares and buying property are discussed in our dedicated page invest in shares or flat in Kerala.

It is the visible result of Brahmanical hierarchy. Mūḻikkuḷaṃ Kaccaṃ[8] controlled the corruptions and lewdness of Brahmins in temples. It is known from the records that the Brāhmaṇas occupied the Devasvam property in the name of Brahmasvam. After establishing the regulation, the Brahmin authority was restrained to the temple. Consequently, the Brahmins controlled and occupied land and money in their literary and spiritual power. Dāna and Dakṣiṇā concepts are the ideas of Brahmins to occupy silver, gold and land. Expiatory rites in Kerala Tantric texts are the best examples of social and economical control mechanisms of Brahmanical ideology. Several original temple records evidently attest to facilitate expiatory rites which were also performed in temples.

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