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Poor Marie! On this woful night she had persisted in sleeping at theirhouse. Her parents had tried to soothe her, but she had grown soviolent that, stormy and all as it was, they could do nothing butbring her to her lover's home. She was now in the little bedroomwhich had been Ovide's since he was a boy, but which he had not sleptin for six months and would never sleep in again.

Suddenly catching her sister by the arm, she cried quickly, "He may behere, though, Delmia, at any moment, and we must tell her of hiscoming before he arrives, or the shock may make her worse. Ah! but Ihad forgotten. She must be quite well now, for I prayed for her, too!But we must go and see her; she has been asleep so long."

He paused, in his heart hoping she would give some sign that the wordsmeant something to her, and that he might, even yet, catch someevidence that her love for him was not utterly dead. During the pausewhich ensued, she turned her face away from him, and so he did not seethe look almost of terror which it now wore.

When Mary Tiffin, who had been in the employ of the Townsleys eversince their marriage, excitedly entered the parlor ten minutes afterthe events narrated, it was empty. Mary was a comely maiden offorty-three, of comfortable proportions and goodly to look upon. Hercheeks were still attractively round; her glossy black hair was, withmuch placidity, smoothed over her temples, cunningly brought above herears, and twisted in an alluring knot at the back of her head. Hereyes were of that deep peculiar blue which generally is such a menaceto the peace of the sterner sex, and over which lovers are wont toexpatiate so tryingly to bosom friends.

Suddenly remembering her mistress's troubles, the happy light died outof Mary's face, and turning anxiously to her now contented lover shesaid eagerly, "And now, lad, do try and think o' something to helpthem. If nothing else can be done, there is the train; if it is missedthere will be so much more time."

All eyes were turned on her unhappy little lover, whose face was nowpitifully white and drawn. The jeers which she expected, to hersurprise did not come, for the little fellow's appreciation of histrying position was so painfully apparent in his drooping figure andpallid face, that there was not a man among them who did not feel morelike gathering him in their strong arms than jeering at him. Neverbefore had they realized what a weakly, effeminate little soul he was.

As the aged couple entered the church, with its many pictures ofsaints and its gorgeous towering altar, the organ began to playsoftly. Presently the narrow door near the altar slowly opened, andfour nuns, in black array, with clasped hands and bowed heads,repeating a psalm of renunciation, entered the church. Following them,arrayed in a spotless white veil which fell to her feet, came she whohad saved a soul from unbelief. Eagerly the congregation bent forward,anxious to catch a glimpse of her whom the bishop had promised tohonor. To be a sister of the convent of the Sacred Heart! She knew nothow many envied her.

For a moment they hesitated as though one from the dead had spoken tothem, then with glad cries they hurried to her side. With infinitetenderness Pierre put his strong arms around her and bent his head tocatch the last words her lips would ever form. Baptiste, prayer-beadsin hand, knelt by his son's side, saying prayers for the dying.

Both Charlie and Narcisse soon got the reputation of being devoteddisciples of Izaak Walton. They were to be seen every day wanderingdown to the river with divers devices to allure and entrapunsuspecting fish. Their success in being able to catch little ornothing soon caused much merriment among the boarders where theystayed. Of course, none of the scoffers knew that a very generousportion of the time that these ardent fishermen were supposed to beemploying in catching fish, was spent lying on the broad of theirbacks on the fresh green grass discussing the virtues of theblue-eyed, vivacious young woman with whom the reader is alreadyacquainted. Very naturally the young fishermen did not deem it theirduty to enlighten the boarders as to how they spent their time.

"'Here, there!' yelled Rawlings, 'hurry up and trot out that clearanceorder.' If I had been chained to the chair I could not have been moreunable to move. Getting no answer from me, Rawlings walked quicklyinto the telegraph office, and catching me unceremoniously by the arm,said impatiently, 'Come, now, wake up and give me that order; what doyou mean by keeping me like this'

Joan Wilking's short stories have been published in The Atlantic, Other Voices, The Mississippi Review, Ascent, The Barcelona Review, The Harvard Summer Review, Pineldyboz, The Bellevue Literary Review, The MacGuffin and bunch of other lit mags and journals. She is a four time finalist (twice in the top 25) in Glimmertrain's Very Short Fiction and Fiction Open Contests. Her short short "Proper Dress," is included in the anthology, Politically Inspired, edited by Steven Elliott, published by MacAdam/Cage. For 49 cents you can download her short story "Wild Thing" at Amazon Shorts.

Did you hear about Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon In 2018, he got hacked because of a malicious file he received from Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman via WhatsApp. That file caused his phone to export a huge amount of data. And if Bezos had not opened it, his data might have still been safe. So, always think twice before downloading unknown attachments to protect your personal information. Because no one is safe.

To protect your phone from viruses, make sure to keep your security software up to date, download apps only from trusted sources, and watch for suspicious links or attachments. Learn more in our blog post.

The tick will suck the blood from your dog for days, allowing any virus the tick contains to enter into the host's bloodstream. Typically, the tick will drop off once the feeding is over, however, if it's attached for two or more days, the odds of your pup catching a disease from the tick are increased significantly.

In the event your dog does contract a tick-disease, make sure that he's comfortable and able to take antibiotics. Teach your dog a throw-and-catch game with his pills, teach him to gently take the pill from your hand, or mix it in with his food. 59ce067264


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