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Our Environments are the Third Teacher


     Magnolia Whizz Kids Academy has been located in the heart of Magnolia Village since 1989.  Our open concept and warm feeling with updated wood floors. The classrooms are  with family photos and plants which create a cozy and welcoming environment bridging the gap between home and school.   

An added bonus is the Art Studio located centrally in the school for all children to use. Whizz Kids Academy offers a Spanish Immersion program where Spanish is integrated in the every day curriculum. The children love playing at the local park and playfield where they play kickball, baseball, and other field games. 


Conveniently located a short distance from I-5 in the Northgate neighborhood, the Northgate Center is a two story school house with two playgrounds, three classrooms, and a dedicated art studio where the children can explore art with many different materials. In the spring we have a bountiful garden that the children are able to harvest from to enjoy for their snack and lunches. We are a community driven and enjoy being apart of your homes. 

Lake Forest Park

Located on Ballinger Way NE and 35th Avenue NE, Lake Forest Park Whizz Kids Academy offers a bright and spacious environment for children. Come explore and play in our spacious playground with a climbing structure, large sandbox and garden. At Lake Forest Park, we offer four classrooms to enrich every child’s level of development including a PreK classroom that specializes in Kindergarten readiness. Each of our classrooms offer emergent curriculums based on our Reggio Emilia inspired philosophy.  Our diverse teaching staff is dedicated to the children and we all look forward to meeting you!

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