Communication and Documentation

At Whizz Kids Academy, we recognize that outstanding communication is an essential component of a high quality school experience for any parent. We pride ourselves on exceeding your expectations with timely and high quality information regarding your child’s social, emotional. and cognitive development. Numerous channels are utilized in support of this mission:


Easyfolios is a secure app portfolio system which opens a window allowing you to view daily happenings at our school from work or home, including instant access to your child’s online portfolio. The portfolio is a compilation of pictures, artwork, photoboards and “learning stories” depicting not only your child’s interests, social interactions, explorations, discoveries, and accomplishments, but the many “joys” of being a competent learner.

On Easyfolios will also find Center-wide news including upcoming events and activities, as well as classroom news. Family handbooks and forms are also available to download.


“Daily Reflections” or snapshots are posted online and in your child’s classroom, which provide a general overview of activities and experiences for your child’s class as a whole on that given day. This information is not specific to the individual child, but rather keeps you informed regarding the daily pursuits of the group as a whole. Given young children’s propensity to respond to the age old question of “What did you do today?” with “Nothing” or “I played”, the snapshot will arm you with timely knowledge for deeper inquiries around the dinner table!

Lesson Plans

Our teachers systematically navigate the Reggio-inspired curriculum by creating and updating forecasts (lesson plans) on a continuous basis. Forecasts are posted online and in each classroom, so that information is readily available regarding how and what children are learning. Each forecast requires our teachers to document and reflect upon their observations regarding children’s interests in the classroom, and to mesh those interests with the curricular goals of the program. Out of those reflections and brainstorming, our emergent curriculum comes to life. Next, teachers will begin “webbing” with the group, by creating a visual representation of the interests and ideas of the children, pertaining to the chosen project topic. The forecast will also share which activities are planned for the classroom in order to deliver a well-rounded curriculum, equally inclusive of early math, science, literacy, language development, art, music, dramatic play, and nature experiences. These lesson plans will provide parents affirmation of a well-rounded, child-centered curriculum in action.

Documentation Panels and Photoboards

Throughout the school, teachers utilize documentation panels and Easyfolios photoboards to provide visual evidence of the learning process using photographs, artwork, data, and other samples of children’s work. Because our project-based curriculum is very fluid, this documentation represents an important communication channel between child, teacher, and parent in demonstrating how the content of the lesson plan is being delivered. Documentation is the means by which we share our curriculum and what children are learning within our community.

Our Commitment

We are here for you! The Reggio-inspired philosophy is predicated on “building community”. Your family makes us who we are. It’s a privilege to play an important role in your child’s development, and we welcome the opportunity to share your child’s experiences at Whizz Kids Academy with you. Family involvement is an integral piece of the classroom curriculum, as well as Center culture. We encourage families to schedule time to bring in items to share; something pertaining to a current project in progress, a family book or song, a family tradition or cooking project, or come along as a volunteer on a field trip. Other ways to become involved include attending school work parties, attending family potluck dinners, picnics, and curriculum nights, or becoming involved in one of our community outreach projects and joining our Parent Association. Whizz Kids is family oriented and we view our centers as environments where support systems can grow and develop. Our philosophy teaches us that the learning journey is even more meaningful than the end result, and we hope that your participation and continuous feedback will help us grow and improve as a school each and every day.