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9 : Menchi X Seriously Pissed X Second Exam

Once they dock, the Captain tells Gon to head for a lone tree up a hill, and Gon decides to follow his advice instead of taking the bus to Zaban City. Kurapika decides to follow him, interested in what he may do. Leorio later rejoins them after learning the bus doesn't head to Zaban City. In what seems an abandoned town, Kurapika and Gon hear people around them. An old lady, also an examiner, asks them a question which they only have 5 seconds to answer. While Kurapika and Leorio scuffle over the prospect of one causing the other to fail, another applicant takes the test in their place. While Leorio protests the unreasonableness of the question, Kurapika hears the applicant the lay let pass scream and understands how to pass the test, but the screener silences him and, after Kurapika agrees to it, poses them her question. Getting annoyed, Leorio picks up a wooden stick and attacks her but is blocked by Kurapika, who explains to him that they have passed because keeping silent is the correct answer to this question. The old lady then tells them to go to a house in the forest to find a couple, who will be their navigators if they consider the trio qualified. Kurapika and Leorio laugh at Gon when he states he cannot find an answer to the question, but become pensive when he suggests they might one day be faced with a similar choice. The three then take the path opened by the screener.[7]

9 : Menchi x Seriously Pissed x Second Exam




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