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[S2E6] Give Up The Chase

Natalie: But in the scuffle, the jyu sa get spilled all over the floor and seem to hypnotize Mia. She sees them as extra-glowy, and they somewhat disable her, put her on the floor, but also make her lash out at Nicky. Then she shakes out of it. But they affect her to the point of like, controlling her. And Nicky said she felt it too, but it is implied, not as strong? What gives?

[S2E6] Give Up the Chase

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The poor kid is probably left wondering if she should give up or chase him around the room. Since she has nothing else in her life, failure is not an option, even though she was white knuckling the chair as she offered herself to Nick.

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After telling Siegfried, Tristan, and Mrs. Hall about his engagement the next morning, James goes to meet his parents. He brings them along to the Dalby farm, where they observe as he gives Phyllis the good news that her cows have an easily treatable copper deficiency, nothing more.

As he lay on top of her, Nate turned the gun on himself and continuously pulled the trigger. The gun had no bullets, but it was enough for Maddy to give in and tell Nate where the tape is hidden. Then, in a split second, Nate ditches his aggression and apologizes to Maddy, before saying goodbye for good.

Thankfully for Rue's sake, Ali was able to forgive her and his forgiveness subconsciously spurred Rue on the path to recovery. After hanging up the phone, she was able to open the Jolly Rancher sweet with a huge smile on her face.

The Chase is a British television quiz show broadcast on ITV and hosted by Bradley Walsh. Contestants play against a professional quizzer, known as the "chaser", who attempts to prevent them from winning a cash prize.

The six chasers are Mark Labbett, Shaun Wallace, Anne Hegerty, Paul Sinha, Jenny Ryan and Darragh Ennis. Labbett and Wallace have both been chasers since Series 1 while Hegerty joined in Series 2, Sinha in Series 4, Ryan in Series 9 and Ennis in Series 13. With rare exceptions for special episodes, only one chaser participates in any given episode.

A team of four contestants individually attempt to amass as much money as possible which is later added to a prize fund if the contestant survives their chase. The chaser must attempt to catch each contestant during their chase, eliminating that person from the game and preventing the money from being added to the collective prize fund. In the individual chase, the player must choose between a higher offer (closer to the chaser), their earned money and a lower offer (further away from the chaser). Later, in the final round, contestants who survived their chases play collectively as a team against the chaser for an equal share of the prize fund.[4]

Each contestant individually attempts to accumulate money for the team's prize fund through two rounds. In the first round, known as the "Cash Builder", the contestant answers as many questions as they can within one minute. Each correct answer awards 1,000; there is no penalty for incorrect answers or passes. After completing the Cash Builder, the contestant enters the "Head-to-Head" round, attempting to move the money down to the bottom of a seven-step board and into the team's prize fund ("home") without being caught by the chaser. The board had eight steps in Series 1.

The contestant is given three options by the Chaser at the start of the Head-to-Head round: play for the money earned in the Cash Builder and start three steps down the board (requiring five correct answers to reach home), accept a higher offer and start two steps down, or accept a lower offer and start four steps down. The lower offer can be zero or even a negative amount if the team has already banked some money. Once the starting position is selected, the host asks a series of multiple-choice questions to the contestant and the Chaser, both of whom individually select one of the three answer options on keypads. After either person locks in a guess, the other must do so within five seconds or be locked out for that turn. A correct answer moves the person who gave it one step down the board while a wrong answer or lock-out leaves them where they are.

If the contestant reaches home without being caught, they advance to the Final Chase and their money is added to the team's prize fund (or deducted, if they took a negative amount). If the chaser catches up, the contestant is eliminated and the money is forfeited. If all four contestants are caught by the chaser, they nominate one contestant to play the Final Chase alone.

The contestants who have won their head-to-head chases blindly select one of two question sets for themselves, with the other set put aside for the Chaser, and then have two minutes to answer as many questions as possible on the buzzer. Any answer given by a contestant who has not buzzed-in is automatically ruled wrong; if only one contestant is participating in this round, the buzzer is not used. Every correct answer moves the team one step ahead of the Chaser, and they are given a head start of one step per contestant participating in this round. The contestants may not discuss or confer on any questions during this portion of the round and may pass as often as desired. There is no time limit on individual questions; the host will only ask a new question after someone has either answered or passed on the current one.

The Chaser is then given two minutes to answer questions from the unused set in an attempt to catch the team, moving one step ahead per correct answer. If the Chaser passes or misses a question, the clock stops and the team is given a chance to discuss it and respond; a correct answer pushes the Chaser back one step or (from series 3 onwards) moves the team ahead one step if the Chaser is at the starting line. If the Chaser catches the team before the time expires, the prize fund is forfeited and the contestants receive nothing. During celebrity editions, a consolation 1,000 is donated to each celebrity's chosen charity in this case.

If the Chaser is unable to catch up to the team, the participating contestants split the prize fund equally. If all four contestants are caught in their head-to-head chases and the one they nominate wins the Final Chase, each contestant wins 1,000 (2,000 in celebrity specials).

A spin-off series titled The Chase: Celebrity Special featuring celebrity teams as contestants began airing on ITV in 2011. As many contestants are comedians or actors, there is a much-higher comedic element. The game is played the same way as the regular version. However, if all four celebrities have been caught by the chaser, the prize fund during the Final Chase is 8,000 (originally 4,000). If the team is caught during the Final Chase, a consolation prize of 1,000 is awarded to the charities for each celebrity who advanced to this stage.

For celebrity specials airing at Christmas, the chasers frequently appear in costumes adhering to a common theme, such as Panto villains, subjects of famous paintings, or characters typically associated with Christmas.

In November 2019, ITV commissioned another spin-off called Beat the Chasers. It began airing in prime-time on 27 April 2020 and features contestants attempting to beat up to five chasers to win big cash prizes. The chasers that featured in the show were Sinha, Labbett, Ryan, Hegerty and Wallace.[21] A single contestant plays the Cash Builder round, answering a series of multiple-choice questions worth 1,000 each. The round ends once they either miss a question or get five right; a miss on the first question immediately ends the game with no winnings. They must then decide how many chasers from two to five to face in a timed head-to-head round, with the chasers specifying a time limit for themselves (always less than 60 seconds) and offering larger cash prizes as an incentive to face more of them. The offer to face two chasers is always equal to the amount earned in the Cash Builder.

The contestant's clock is set to 60 seconds, while the chasers' clock is set to their agreed-on time. Only one clock runs at any given moment, starting with the contestant; the side in control must answer a question correctly to stop their clock and turn control over to the opposing side. The chasers must buzz-in to respond and may not confer on any questions. The contestant wins the money on offer if the chasers' clock runs out first, or nothing if their own clock runs out.[22]

A third series was commissioned by ITV.[27] The network had originally intended to have all six chasers participate in this series; however, these plans had to be postponed as Paul Sinha was absent due to illness.[28] The series began with a celebrity special on 27 March 2021 and once again featured no studio audience.[29]

A fourth series was commissioned by ITV, and premiered on 11 September 2021 with all six chasers participating for the first time. This series introduced a "Super Offer," available only to contestants who answered all five of their Cash Builder questions correctly. This offer was presented in conjunction with the other four and gave the contestant a chance to play against all six chasers at once, with no time advantage and a larger cash prize than that offered for facing five chasers.[30]

A fifth series went into production in March 2022 and premiered on 16 May 2022. Hegerty was absent from this series due to a positive COVID-19 test, and was replaced by guest chaser Issa "The Supernerd" Schultz from The Chase Australia.[31]

Episodes of the British version of The Chase air on weekday afternoons at 3:00 pm to good ratings on Seven Network (and sometimes airing double episodes from 2:00 pm), placing it in direct competition with rival game shows Millionaire Hot Seat (in Western Australia) and Tipping Point (outside of Western Australia) on the Nine Network.[61][62] Seven also considered producing a local version, and filmed a pilot episode on the UK set, but decided not to proceed.[63] However, in mid-2015 a local version was commissioned to replace Deal or No Deal and Million Dollar Minute in a bid to revive ratings for its struggling flagship 6:00 pm nightly news bulletin.[64][65] Hegerty and Labbett feature as two of the five permanent chasers on the Australian version, while Wallace appeared as a guest chaser in 2018.[66][11][67] 041b061a72


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