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People And The City Mod APK 1.1.806 (Hack,Unlimited Bonus, Prize)

With an extensive and exciting story, you will make the lives of celebrities come alive in high-rise buildings. People and The City will give you a great experience when watching a sitcom about the characters in your city. In addition, the game will regularly update the characters and missions for players to use and perform. The number of people in the city will increase, so you need to set up many jobs and entertainment services to create a safe and happy life.

People and The City Mod APK 1.1.806 (Hack,Unlimited bonus, prize)


In order for people to move to every part of the city, you must build enough roads to move through the buildings. In addition, the construction of roads will help you transport goods and develop the productive activities of the region. To build tall buildings, you must have enough resources and costs to hire workers and make your city more and more prosperous. 041b061a72


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