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Flying Circus Torrent Download [pack]


There was an update for the Kodiak for X-Plane11 the moment the beta version was released in late Nov 2016. But that was far too early in the new simulators beta run to be effective. This v1.4 covers the full revision of X-Plane11 features including all the main X-Plane11 areas of thrust calibration, ground handling, textures, flight dynamics, electrical systems and more improvements to the G1000 avionics suite. These in v1.4 changes now make the aircraft fully X-Plane11 compatible. Thranda also include an Auto X-Updater for the duration of X-Plane 11 to update the aircraft at any time without having to go and redownload the full package from your purchase store.

It is also the type of aircraft which caused me to ask about a torrent in the first place - there are a bunch of aircraft that we won't see in modern high fidelity sims... so I have to look to FS:SDOE to try flying them! It was the odd-balls (and the Ju-188) that caused me to look into reinstalling. Thirty-two steps is a bit much though! FS-WWI (Argon V was the lead) eventually had a unified installer... which was really nice. 1e1e36bf2d


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