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How To Activate My Suspended Facebook Accountl High Quality

Many websites will tell you to just click "Recover Account" (like this one) but that's incorrect!The advice in that article tells you to fill out a form and wait to see if you get assigned a Facebook rep - that is rolling the dice and likely to make your disabled ad account unrecoverable.Also this article gives incorrect advice as well telling you to verify your Business Manager after getting an ad account disabled.That's the dumbest advice ever (sorry not sorry Emily).- That's like going 120 MPH yelling out the window at the cop:"I promise I won't break the speed limit again officer!" while speeding.When your ad account is disabled - you are asking Facebook to trust you that your business is legit, even after you've set the precedent that you can't follow their rules.You think Facebook is going to act in your favor? NO.You'll get stuck in a cycle of the spinning wheel of death for Facebook trying to both verify a Business Manager with a disabled ad account and review your appeal to that disabled ad account. Your facebook ad manager account disabled, no ads live - what to do?If you want to verify your Business Manager after your ad account is reactivated, or on a fresh new Business Manager - sure, that can help.But don't do that while you're appealing a disabled ad account - be smart. Clicking Request Review is a big mistake. You'll enter the never ending loop where either you'll wait forever without a response from Facebook.ORMaybe Facebook will ask you to verify your Business Manager, then accept your credentials but never reply.Now you're stuck with a Facebook Business Manager not verified, and an ad account disabled.Your clients are screaming "Why aren't my ads running?? I'm losing money every second Facebook ads aren't live selling my products!!"

How To Activate My Suspended Facebook Accountl

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HERE'S WHY: If FB reactivates your ad account, and you have the same flags still in your funnel the automations will continue to scan your ads and flag you.This time maybe disabling your Business Manager too. That's another loop you can get caught in. Your friend told you that his "facebook account disabled suspicious payment activity" message just showed up in his Business Settings.And you're really freaking out that his facebook ad account was disabled for no reason. You're hoping the warning saying "your fb ad account permanently disabled" will go away. 350c69d7ab


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