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(((WATCH@@))) Live stream: Bahrain - Iran 21/09/2023

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QUESTION: Thank you, Matt. The Kurdistan Regional Government in a letter has appealed to President Biden and this administration to intervene in a deepening crisis between Erbil and Baghdad. They also urged the administration to mediate between Erbil and Baghdad for their disputes. How do you (inaudible) request and letter? And will you mediate or increase your engagement between Erbil and Baghdad to overcome these disputes? MR MILLER: So I’m not going to discuss diplomatic correspondence between the President and the KRG. But I will reiterate, as we did in the February U. And then there was also INSTEX, which completely failed and didn’t do anything. So I don’t – I’ll drop it, but — MR MILLER: I’d take their claims, but that is just not the information that we have. Go ahead. QUESTION: Just (inaudible) Iran, or could I switch topics? QUESTION: If I may — QUESTION: (Off-mike. ) MR MILLER: Go ahead, Shaun. QUESTION: Switching to North Korea, actually, with Putin and Kim Jong-un meeting. But the meeting just happened today, so I wouldn’t rule it out. And we are – we do have somewhat regular engagements with Chinese officials going forward. We have – I will say that Secretary Blinken raised North Korea’s nuclear program and North Korea’s ballistic missile program in his engagements with Chinese officials when we were in Beijing, and we’ve regularly raised that in our conversations with Chinese officials because – we think because of the close relationship that China has had with North Korea, that if they’re willing to play a productive role, they’re able to and they have some influence with the regime in North Korea. would consider in a potential swap? And if so, have you raised it with the (inaudible)? MR MILLER: I’m just not going to – I’m not going to speak – obviously, we have shown that we are willing to make tough decisions, because we believe it is so important to bring Americans home. But that is a general statement. I don’t want to speak to any specific individual that might be detained in the U. or in another country. So. QUESTION: Okay. Well, I wanted to ask about – regarding Mexico. What can President Biden do to stop the sex trafficking of children coming across our border from Mexico, especially in the state of California? And I have a follow-up. MR MILLER: Well, we have obviously – let me try to speak to what this department’s work is, which is to counter human trafficking. QUESTION: That what you did when you came in was to get direct visibility, and now you’re telling me — MR MILLER: We are getting – no, no. We are getting direct — QUESTION: — that you don’t have any visibility. MR MILLER: No, that’s not what I said. I’m saying we are able to get – set up this new account in Qatar. We are able to set it up under rules that allow us to have direct visibility into how the transactions are being – how the money’s being spent. QUESTION: Separately, but maybe relatedly, can you confirm these reports that have emerged that Russian interlocutors have specifically raised the case of Vadim Krasikov in potential prisoner swap negotiations? MR MILLER: I cannot. And I will say, as we have said a number of times, we have found that when it comes to our efforts to bring home these wrongfully detained Americans, the substance of negotiations and what we’re trying to do to bring them home and any specifics, it’s oftentimes not helpful to our effort to speak to those publicly, so I can’t do so here. QUESTION: Absent from concrete conversations about his case, is his case something that the U. Now, recognizing that Manhattan is not exactly a huge area, still CFR is outside of what the range – what the perimeter had been for them before. I recognize that shortly after this administration took office, you guys rescinded those restrictions. But there are people who are saying that they should be re-enacted, particularly since the election of Raisi, which happened after that. Is there any consideration being given to going back to the previous administration’s restrictions on Iranian diplomatic movements? MR MILLER: Not that I’m aware of. Not — QUESTION: No? And then secondly on Iran, at the UN, I believe it’s October 8th that the – under the JCPOA, which is on life support – if it still can be said to be on life support – the UN arms embargo will be lifted. And there’s a growing call – bipartisan call – in Congress for there to be a snapback of sanctions, something that the administration has opposed. So I would anticipate we would raise it, but I’m not aware of any specific interactions that have taken place. QUESTION: And will Blinken meet with whoever the Chinese delegation leader is at UNGA next week? MR MILLER: I don’t have any specific meetings to announce yet, but stay tuned over the course of the next couple days. Janne, go ahead. And then I want to speak specifically for a second about the idea of North Korea providing weapons to Russia, which I spoke to the other day but I don’t think you were here. One, just the overall context, and one thing it’s important to restate again, that a year and a half ago Vladimir Putin launched this war thinking he was going to restore the glory of the Russian empire, failed in all of his maximalist, imperialist aims, and now a year and a half later, after losing tens of thousands of Russian soldiers and spending billions and billions of dollars, here he is begging Kim Jong-un for help. So it says something about the overall context of how this war is going for Russia. And with respect to what any outcomes might be, we have taken a number of entity – actions already to sanction entities that have brokered arms sales between North Korea and Russia, and we won’t hesitate to impose additional actions if appropriate. QUESTION: Thank you. QUESTION: I know, but — MR MILLER: We do not have perfect – so we do not have perfect visibility into them. QUESTION: What – India is a partner. Japan and South Korea are treaty allies of the United States. How do you not know how much is left in these accounts? MR MILLER: And I said with respect to some accounts, we are able to see. Not – I do not have all of those details available. With some accounts we do not have perfect visibility. Department Press Briefing - September 13, 2023 8 days ago — Article Index. IRAN; DPRK/RUSSIA/REGION; BAHRAIN; EGYPT; BAHRAIN; IRAN; RUSSIA; DEPARTMENT; IRAQ; PAKISTAN/AFGHANISTAN; ISRAEL ... Nations Online Project: Your Guide to the World Want to know more about all the Countries and regions in the world? You came to the right place. Look at country profiles with maps, and find information ... And we have taken a number of steps to do that. But with respect to specific border operations, I would refer you to the Department of Homeland Security. QUESTION: Okay. And finally, what is the Biden administration response to the Sound of Freedom movie that highlights the international child sex trafficking problem? It’s a horrific problem. MR MILLER: I’m not familiar with that specific movie. Obviously, as I said, we’ve taken a number of actions to counter child trafficking around the world, but I wouldn’t want to comment on that specific movie. Live Report & Scorecard of Iran vs Bahrain Match 7 Iran vs Bahrain, Live Cricket Commentary. End of over 4 (29 runs). Ahmer Bin 16 (13). Sohail Ahmed 30 (12). S. Government either visibility or oversight into how the money was being spent. Now, look, that wasn’t required by law. But we have decided — QUESTION: Well, it’s not – it was, wasn’t it? Or — MR MILLER: No. It wasn’t required by law that they set up – that they set up — QUESTION: Yeah. But it was required by U. law, by law that was signed by the President, several presidents, that, I mean, money in these accounts be spent on – for only humanitarian purposes. MR MILLER: It’s not – well, no. That’s not quite accurate. It could be humanitarian or other nonsanctionable activity. So there are two — QUESTION: Well, okay. Iran coach Queiroz takes aim at referee after Bahrain win Jan 11, 2015 — How to watch Wolves v Liverpool on TNT Sports - live stream and TV details. 5 hours ago. Related Topics. Football. Share this article. Latest ...


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